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DIY Film Festival: National Poetry Month

DIY Film Festival: National Poetry Month

Celebrate Poetry Month with films from our digital section.
Or request them through free home delivery, 
There’s quite a large selection.
Either way works 
For they’re just some of the perks 
Of Orange County Library System’s movie collection.


Howl (Available on KanopyHoopla & DVD)
Allen Ginsberg was an angel-headed hipster
Not to mention, a 1950s poetic trickster
But no one is laughing
Thanks to James Franco’s acting 
In this biographical picture.


Dead Poets Society (Available on DVD and DVD Through Free Home Delivery)
O Captain, my Captain 
Robin Williams does some actin’ 
In this wonderful play 
About seizing the day
And living your life with passion


Paterson (Available on DVD and DVD Through Free Home Delivery)
Adam Driver is empathetic 
Despite his work aesthetic: 
He drives a bus 
For Jim Jarmusch
In a film that waxes poetic


Deaf Jam (Available on Kanopy)
New York teen Aneta Brodski 
Enjoys creating slam poetry 
But it’s hard to be clear 
When you aren’t able to hear 
Good thing she has her best friend, Tahani


Neruda (Available on Kanopy)
Pablo Neruda won the Nobel Prize 
But shortly thereafter was hospitalized 
His own government had him supposedly poisoned 
For being the source of Augusto Pinochet’s annoyance
Now his legacy as a poet is canonized

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