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  • Shellabrate Adult Summer Reading Header

    Get Ready to Shell-a-brate Adult Summer Reading!

    Sea-ing is believing! Dive into this video to see what hidden treasures are in store. Remember, all you need to do is make sure you have an active OCLS library card. If you don’t have a library card or you need to renew your card, you can do so here. From there, log in or…

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  • PreschoolFunOceanAnimals-01

    Preschool Fun: Ocean Animals!

    Let’s have some fun under the sea today!  Let’s start with some questions:  What are some ocean animals?  What does a dolphin sound like?  What’s your FAVORITE ocean animal?  Can you swim like a whale?    Now, let’s read a book! Read any book you may have that mentions ocean animals. If you don’t have…

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