How can I tell which items on my checked out list are renewable?

We understand that many customers like to know which items from their Checked Out list cannot be renewed so they can plan to read (or listen or view) these items first. The only way to know if an item can be renewed is by attempting the renewal process. All items on your list can be renewed at one time by choosing the “Renew All” button or items can be individually selected to renew.

If successful, the word “Renewed” and the new due date will appear next to the item on the list. The new due date will add the appropriate checkout period (7 days for DVDs, 21 days for all others) to the original due date, providing an extended time to enjoy the material.

If an item cannot be renewed because another customer has requested it, the words “On Hold” will appear next to the item on the list and the due date will not change.

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