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  • Preschool Fun: Hispanic Heritage!

    Preschool Fun: Hispanic Heritage!

    Hola! September 15–October 15 is Hispanic Heritage Month, so let’s celebrate! Vamonos! QUESTIONS: What is Hispanic Heritage Month? A time when we recognize all the awesome things Hispanic Americans have done. Like what? Language, food, dance, art, movies, medicine and more!  READ: Read any book you may have that is written by a Hispanic author. Need…

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  • Preschool Fun: Wash Your Hands!

    Preschool Fun: Wash Your Hands!

    There are gross germs everywhere! Let’s wash our hands to stay healthy. QUESTIONS: Why do we wash our hands?  What are germs?  How do we wash our hands?   LEARN: What are germs? Germs are tiny organisms that can cause us to be sick. They’re so small they can’t be seen without a microscope. To…

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  • Preschool Fun: Bugs!

    Preschool Fun: Bugs!

    What’s more exciting than bugs? Let’s celebrate our creepy crawly friends today! QUESTIONS What do bugs look like? Do you like bugs? Do they crawl? Do they fly? How many legs do they have? (Obviously there are different answers to this!) READ Read any book you may have that mentions bugs. If you don’t have…

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  • Preschool Fun: Fruit!

    Preschool Fun: Fruit!

    This week, we’re celebrating fruit, and what better way to start than with a joke? What fruit is green and square? A lemon in disguise! Ha ha! With that, let’s get started. LEARN Fruits are healthy foods that you can eat! They grow on a plant, and contain seeds. QUESTIONS What is your favorite fruit? …

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  • Preschool Fun: Fairies!

    Preschool Fun: Fairies!

    Since we’re continuing to celebrate all types of magical creatures this summer, let’s continue this week with fairies! Let’s start with some questions: What does a fairy look like? Are fairies big or little? Are they kind? Can you name a fairy? What would you name a fairy?   READ     Read any book you…

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  • Q&A with Chef Yamira

    Q&A with Chef Yamira

    Yamira Lee Johnson is the head chef and founder of Breaking Bread with Mira and a certified holistic life coach. Through a long standing partnership with Orange County Library System she has hosted several Cuisine Corner events. This month, join Chef Yamira in her own kitchen via Instagram Live for a unique cooking experience. Books…

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  • Preschool Fun: Dragons!

    Preschool Fun: Dragons!

    Since it’s a magical and mythological summer at Orange County Library System, let’s talk about dragons this week! Let’s start with some questions:  What does a dragon look like? What does a dragon sound like? Are dragons big or little?  Are they kind?  Read: Read any book you may have that mentions dragons. If you don’t…

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  • PreschoolFunOceanAnimals-01

    Preschool Fun: Ocean Animals!

    Let’s have some fun under the sea today!  Let’s start with some questions:  What are some ocean animals?  What does a dolphin sound like?  What’s your FAVORITE ocean animal?  Can you swim like a whale?    Now, let’s read a book! Read any book you may have that mentions ocean animals. If you don’t have…

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  • 3ScienceExperiments-01

    Three Fun Science Experiments to Do at Home

    Science is an essential tool for understanding how the world works. It is the process of analyzing data through experimentation and predictions. It can also give a middle school student the ability to make a paper-mache volcano that can spew vinegar, baking soda, and food coloring all over a nice kitchen floor. In this article,…

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  • Preschool Fun: Robots!

    Preschool Fun: Robots!

    Beep. Boop. Bop. Today we’re talking robots! Let’s start with some questions: What is a robot?  What does a robot sound like? What does a robot look like?  What kind of robot would you build?  Now, let’s read a book Read any book you may have that mentions robots. If you don’t have one, try…

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