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  • Best Books Of The Year, as Chosen by a 3 and 6 Year Old

    Best Books Of The Year, as Chosen by a 3 and 6-Year-Old

    I have two very opinionated readers. The eldest, L, has helped me make these lists the past two years. The youngest, M, is now joining the blogging game and is excited to share her favorite books that were published in 2020. As noted in previous years, these are favorites as chosen by my children –…

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  • PeaceandTrustHeader-01

    International Year of Peace and Trust

    In September of 2019, the United Nations adopted a resolution to designate 2021 as the International Year of Peace & Trust. The UN’s resolution “underlined that the International Year constitutes a means of mobilizing international efforts to promote peace and trust among nations on the basis of political dialogue, mutual understanding and cooperation in order…

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  • Great Short Story Collections to Keep You Occupied

    Great Short Story Collections to Keep You Occupied

    In a variety of contexts, storytellers are obligated to provide readers, or audiences, with engrossing tales of struggle, love, tragedy, comedy and horror. Some storytellers write these stories within the span of 400 pages while other writers choose to write these same types of stories in less than 100 pages. In either case, the result is…

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  • Thriving in the Misinformation Chaos

    Thriving in the Misinformation Chaos

    Misinformation has been with us as long as the written word, but it has become a very hot topic in the last few years. Inaccurate medical information can even be deadly during a global public health crisis. The library profession’s traditional response is to promote information literacy – the ability to find and interpret relevant…

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  • DIY Film Festival: Author Biopics

    DIY Film Festival: Author Biopics

    Learn about the lives of some of 20th century’s greatest writers with these compelling biopics, available for free from Orange County Library System on DVD and our digital streaming platforms.   American Splendor (DVD) In American Splendor, Paul Giamatti lovingly portrays Harvey Pekar, the real-life vanguard for underground comic book storytelling. The film charts Pekar’s…

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  • 6LatinxAuthors-01

    6 Latinx Authors to Read During Hispanic Heritage Month

    In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, we gathered just a few of the most meaningful books written by Latinx authors we’ve read in our lifetimes. This is an ideal time to pick up a new-to-you book and explore the varied, complex experiences of Latinx authors and the characters they’ve brought to life in these stories.…

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  • Open Hour with a Librarian

    Open Hour with a Librarian

    In the early days of the pandemic, when the library made the difficult choice to close its doors and offer services remotely, we received a lot of comments on social media from customers who were also struggling with how to navigate life in quarantine. A common theme that came up was wanting to know what…

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  • Five Great Graphic Novels for Teens and Adults

    Five Great Graphic Novels for Teens and Adults

    There exists an unwanted stigma around graphic novels. They are too dark and gritty, some say. The format of this art style does not match with the serious tone of dark narratives, some say. Graphic novels are just comic books with blood, language, and mature themes, some say. None of these three descriptions fully capture…

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  • #OCLSReads Books for Summer

    #OCLSReads Books for Summer

    Summer has arrived once again and it’s the best opportunity to catch up on some new and popular books as suggested by three of Orange County Library System’s Collection Development Librarians. Most of the suggested titles are available as e-books, digital audiobooks or through the library’s books-by-mail service (or all three!), so you can enjoy a…

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  • Self-Care Inspiration-01

    Self-Care Inspiration from the Library

    Some of us intend to implement new, healthier habits while staying home, but there still aren’t enough hours in the day. Others have personally been affected by the pandemic, or the past month has led to feelings of loneliness, anxiety or depression. Whatever your situation, self-care will not make everything perfect, but healthy living tends…

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Presidential Preference Primary Election Early Voting at Select Library Locations

Ten OCLS Branch locations will host early voting for the 2024 Early Voting Primary Election from Monday, March 4 to Sunday, March 17 (10 a.m. – 6 p.m.): Alafaya, Chickasaw, Fairview Shores, Hiawassee, South Creek, Southeast, Southwest, Washington Park, West Oaks, and Winter Garden. Learn more about early voting at select library locations >